Art Supply Grants

Starlandia Art Supplies is now accepting proposals for Starlandia Art Supply Grants (SASG). Starlandia Art Supply Grants aim to support small and emerging organizations and individuals in their creative and artistic endeavors. The SASG are designed to support youth programs and activities and/or public art that benefits our entire community.

Applications are reviewed for consideration of the project’s artistic merit, application quality, youth involvement, and community impact. SASG is available for all artists, non-profits, government organizations, school districts, teachers and students. SASG provides up to $250 of reclaimed supplies for approved projects. There is no application fee.

Application Schedule

Grants are awarded on a monthly basis with usually one grant per month. Applications must be received by the 15th of the month prior to the project date. Example: For a project in July an application would need to be received by June 15th.

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