Starlandia Art Supply – New and Reclaimed Art Supplies & Creative Materials

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Starlandia helps make art easier and more affordable for everyone! Drop off your gently-used art supplies today to generate store-credit you can use on your next creative project!

Our goal at Starlandia is to support creativity by helping our community access art supplies more affordably. We connect local artists, students, teachers, hobbyists, and neighbors to a market of inexpensive and creative materials. Starlandia is designed to interrupt the product cycle of manufacturing to landfill by maximizing the lifetime of our art supplies.

Art supplies are organized by color, type, and quality.



How long will it take to process my traded items?
Our turn around on processing traded materials is usually less than three days. Please allow at least 24 hours before checking in with us on trade amounts. Starlandia can not provide immediate in-store credit for traded items.

What is In-Store Credit good for?
You can use in-store credit on any new or reclaimed item for sale in our store. In-store credit can not be used towards printing fees, rental fees, or workshop or class fees.

I’m leaving Savannah but wan’t to trade in my art supplies. What can I do with the store credit if I can’t use it?
In-Store credit at Starlandia is completely transferable to other people and organizations. We can put your credit in the name of a friend or family member (we’ll need their name, phone, and email) or you can gift it to an organization such as Loop It Up SavannahArt Rise Savannah, or anyone else you’d like!