Starlandia Supply

Make Art Stay Thrifty Save the World

Starlandia helps make art easier and more affordable for everyone! Drop off your gently-used art supplies today to generate store-credit you can use on your next creative project!

Our goal at Starlandia is to support creativity by helping our community access art supplies more affordably. We connect local artists, students, teachers, hobbyists, and neighbors to a market of inexpensive and creative materials.


We accept trade-ins all day, every day. We may take breaks from accepting art supplies throughout the year but 95% of the time we are accepting supplies.

  • We accept art supplies in trade for store credit or as donation / drop-off.
  • Store credit is stored in our system and can be used to purchase any new and/or reclaimed item.
  • Processing your supplies will take us 3-5 days. We will text message you with the completed store credit value.
  • Credit will be up to 25% of what our projected sale price for your items.
  • We can not guarantee that we can return any items that have been traded for store credit or donation.